Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Golf Course Update for January 11, 2012-Carts Off of The Path!

We have frost this morning. So, we will have a 10am shotgun start. However, something new and exciting will be different starting today as far as the golf cart rules for the golf course. Starting today, we are allowing all golf carts off of the path. You will be able to drive your cart off the path on all of the holes, except the par 3's and Holes #1, 10 and 18. On the holes that you will be allowed to drive off of the cart path, there will be a designated entry point and exit point (marked by a white stake with a green top for entry and a white stake with a red top for exit). We ask that you enter and exit the cart path at these designated areas only and remain off of the path in between these two stakes. We also ask that, while you are driving your cart along the fairway or rough, you fill all divots using the divot mix bottles provided on the golf carts. By allowing carts off of the path, we are hoping to accomplish several things. First and foremost, we are hoping to make your golf round more enjoyable. We also expect to see the pace of play improve, all divots filled and less damage from golf carts by entering and exiting only where designated by the entry/exit stakes. We are very excited about these changes and feel that this will really increase the enjoyment and value of your golfing experience at Crow Canyon Country Club.
Enter fairway just passed the white stake with the green top.  Note:  The green tops will be here in a week so the white entry stake has a green stake in front of it for now.

Exit Fairway just before the white stake with the red top.

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