Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hand Watering!

With the warm weather and longer days, it is the time of the year when we begin to do a lot more hand watering of the golf course. The purpose of hand watering is to apply water directly to dry or "hot" spots on the golf course. Of course our first priority is hand watering any dry or hot spots that are on or near the greens, you will also see us hand watering tees and fairways, when possible. As always, we do our best to stay clear of all golfers when we are out working on the golf course. However, we do appreciate your patience when we are hand watering near the greens. I have instructed my staff to always give the golfers the right of way and do their best not to interrupt your pace of play. So, when you see us out hand watering, just know that it is a necessary task in keeping the golf course in great shape. From time to time, you might even see your friendly Golf Course Superintendent with a hose in his hand!

Dale Simpson hand watering!

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