Monday, October 31, 2011

Green Fertility and Disease Control

Foam marking the treated area
The most important area on the golf course to maintain and keep in the best possible condition are the Greens. The Greens are also the highest maintenance area on the golf course. Besides daily mowing, irrigating, changing hole locations, rolling and other cultural practices that are performed throughout the year, we also perform routine fertilizer and fungicide applications to promote the healthiest and most consistent putting surface possible. Here at Crow Canyon, we accomplish the task of fertilizing and controlling disease on the Greens through liquid applications. It is very important when applying any fertilizer or chemical to the turf that it is applied evenly to the target area to get the desired results. If not, there will be areas that get over or under fertilized, therefore causing inconsistencies in the overall turf health. To better ensure an even distribution of fertilizer or chemical to the Greens, we have a "foam marker" on our spray rig that intermittently drops foam to indicate the area that has been sprayed. This allows our spray technician to clearly see the area on the Green that has been treated.

Sprayer used for fertilizer applications

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