Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Calm Day in West Texas!

Yesterday reminded me of a calm day growing up in my home town of Lubbock, Texas. However, one might think a small tornado passed through the town of Danville, CA last night from all of the debris and broken branches that are on the golf course this morning. Be assured that my staff will be working tirelessly to cleanup the mess that was left behind from the high winds we experienced yesterday. We hope to have the course cleaned up and back to "normal" by this weekend. Thank you for your patience over the next couple of days as some of the routine maintenance and detail work may fall behind while we work to remove the leaves and broken branches from the golf course.
Leaves in Hole #17 Bunker
Leaves in Hole #8 Bunker

Broken branch on Hole #13
Leaves on Hole #17 Fairway

Leaves in Hole #17 Bunker
Broken branch behind Hole #8 Green

Debris on Hole #10 Tee
Debris behind Hole #16 Green

Broken branch on Hole #15
Pine needles in Hole #6 Bunker

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