Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Severe weather warning!

Looking at the 5-day weather forecast, it appears we are going to have high winds today and tomorrow. This means that, over the next couple of days, my staff will be prepared to be cleaning up leaves and other debris throughout the golf course. Then, starting Friday and moving into the weekend, we are expected to have sunny skies with the high temperatures in the low 60's. However, the low temperatures will be in the high 30's, which means we will most likely see some frost on the golf course in the mornings. So, be prepared for possible frost delays beginning Friday and on into the weekend. If we do have frost, we will have a shotgun start at 9am at the earliest. Hopefully, this wind storm will drop the rest of the leaves out of the trees and this will be our last major cleanup of leaves for the year. We have been working hard to keep the course manicured and in great condition. Other than the leaves and the wet areas that we have marked as Ground Under Repair, the course is in outstanding shape!

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