Thursday, November 17, 2011

Disease control

With the cool, moist and overcast weather we have been having, we are experiencing high disease pressure on the greens. Some greens, depending on their location, will experience higher disease pressure than others. For instance, Hole #9 green is very shaded this time of the year, therefore does not get as much sun as the rest of the greens. So, this green tends to retain more moisture, creating an environment for disease. In order to combat the disease, we are on a preventive fungicide program. There are times when more needs to be done to help fight the disease. For instance, solid-tine aeration helps in opening up the greens to allow airflow down through the root system. This will help in drying out the surface as well as the first few inches below the surface. Hole # 9 seems to be the green, at this point, with the most disease pressure. So, we are aerating it today with solid needle tines. This should not affect the roll too much, but you will notice the holes in the green.

Needle-tine holes

Aerating Hole #9 Green

Pink Snow Mold on Hole# 9 Green

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