Friday, December 2, 2011

Crow Canyon golf course update

As expected, we had high winds the last two days. Consequently, the damage and the overall mess the winds left behind is very significant. Luckily, there was no major property damage other than the loss of several trees, limbs the size of small trees, leaves and other debris. However, the cleanup could possibly take a week to complete. So, thank you for your patience during this cleanup period as some of the normal routine maintenance of the golf course will fall behind. Our goal is to get the course in the best possible playing condition for the weekend. This means we will be focusing our efforts in the high traffic areas first, such as, greens, bunkers, fairways and tees. The roughs and outer perimeters of the golf course will be cleaned last. You will be able to take relief with no penalty if your ball comes to rest near an immovable object that is not normally supposed to be there. For instance, if your ball rests near a fallen tree limb and you are unable to move the limb, you may take relief. On a positive note, the wind helped to dry the wet areas of the golf course. So, the conditions should be much firmer and more consistent throughout the golf course. The weather is looking better for the weekend. Have a great weekend of golf!


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