Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lake #18 Dredging and Erosion Repair

Due to the heavy rains and flooding that we had in December, we accumulated an enormous amount of silt in the Lake on Hole #18. Consequently, we were unable to finish the waterfall project that we had started. However, we have begun removing the silt and sludge from the lake and are dredging it to a depth of 4-5 feet. We are using the silt to build up the sides of the lake that have eroded over the years. After all of this is completed, we will then be able to install the pump that will be used for the waterfall. Thank you for your patience during this process as this might take a couple of weeks to complete.

Silt accumulation from the flood
Removal of silt island
Installation of silt screen 
Silt placement along eroded edge of lake

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