Thursday, January 24, 2013

Need Firewood?

Even though the majority of golfers and the Pro Shop staff would probably disagree with me, there are some benefits of frost delays. One being, my staff is able to spend more time working around the shop working on things that we seem to never have time for when we are busy on the golf course. For example, chopping wood from the collection of trees from the golf course that have lived a nice long life and have moved on or from trees whose life was "cut" short from the storms and high winds we have had throughout the year. Bad news for them. However, it is good news for anyone who needs firewood. If you have any need for some firewood, let me know.

This what is left to chop.
This is the final resting place. Not all of this is from this year.  If you need firewood, come and get it!

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